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أخر الاخبار

It's back to school in Tennessee, but not for the kids. The state passed a bill that would fund two years of community college or technical school for "older adults" for free. The program is called Tennessee Reconnect, and it's a last dollar program, which means that the state will cover all tuition and fees after grants and scholarships have been applied.
But who counts as "older adults?
Luckily, almost everyone. The age requirement for an older adult is over 24 years old.

That's because Tennessee Reconnect is meant to pick up where another program, Tennessee Promise, leaves off.
Equal benefits : Tennessee Promise was initiated to give all high school seniors access to two years free of community college and technical education. But it only applied to those who graduated high school after 2015.
When Tennessee Reconnect goes into effect in the fall of 2018, everyone who graduated before 2015 can have those benefits as well.
The governor's initiative :Governor Bill Haslam introduced both programs as a part of his "Drive to 55" initiative.
"It's an effort to the year 2025 that at least 55% of working age Tennessee residents have some sort of post high school degree or credential," Rick Locker, a representative for the Tennessee board of Regents .
The state was at 33.8% of Tennessee residents with post-high school certifications in 2013, when the goal was announced. Now, before Tennessee Reconnect has even gone into effect, the number has increased to 38.8%.
The cost : Tennessee Reconnect alone is estimated to cost $11.2 million per year, but the Tennessee Higher Education Commission says that the program will be funded by the lottery for education account, not the taxpayers.
The bill was passed 87-6 on Thursday, and it has been eagerly awaited.
"When the governor announced the Tennessee Reconnect in his state of the state address, I was watching," says Locker. "That was one of the points of applause."

أصدرت الدولة مشروع قانون يمول عامين من كلية المجتمع أو المدرسة التقنية ل "كبار السن" مجانا ويسمى البرنامج تينيسي ريكونكت  وهو آخر برنامج بالدولار وهو ما يعني أن الدولة سوف تغطي جميع الرسوم الدراسية 
ولكن من يعتبر كبار السن؟ الجميع تقريبا عمر السن لكبار السن أكثر من 24 سنة و تطبق فقط على أولئك الذين تخرجوا من المدرسة الثانوية بعد عام 2015 .
عندما يدخل تينيسي ريكونكت حيز التنفيذ في خريف عام 2018، يمكن لكل من تخرج قبل عام 2015 الحصول على تلك الفوائد أيضا ومن المتوقع أن تكلف ولاية تينيسي وحدها 11.2 مليون دولار سنويا ولكن لجنة التعليم العالي في ولاية تينيسي تقول أن البرنامج سيتم تمويله من حساب اليانصيب لحساب التعليم  وليس دافعي الضرائب .
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